Tea & the gang premium teas with personality


Premium tea with personality, Influenced by Scandinavian design,
each tea has a unique design and character to match your mood.

We love everything about these teas – the taste, the combinations of flavours, the packaging and the awesome names for each one! We hope you love them too.


Santas Babe – Pepperkake – EVEN SANTA HAS A FAVOURITE TEA. This Scandinavian Pepperkake (Spiced Gingerbread) Rooibos tea is perfect for those who need warming up during that festive time of year.

The Rat Race – English Breakfast Tea

Mrs Agra  – Chai Tea

The Explorer – Lemon and Ginger
The Hipster – Raspberry and Mint
The Butler – Earl Grey
The Bandit – Chocolate and Orange Black Tea
The Pinup – Vanilla Black Tea
Soul Man – Blueberry Blues
The Romantic – Strawberry Champagne White Tea
The Jet Setter – Jasmine Green Tea
The Chica – Lemon and Lime Green Tea
The Yoga – Chamomile
The Arctic – Peppermint
The Matchmaker – Fruity Cupid

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