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Guppys Handmade Chocolate – the story…

Fine chocolates have long been a passion of ours and before the younger generation of Guppy’s came along, chocolate making was a part-time hobby where we made all of our chocolates in our kitchen at home. Having both previously worked for large companies in the financial services sector, in September 2010, we decided to explore our passion for chocolate further and make the dream of having our own chocolate producing business a reality. So, we converted our garage into our very own mini chocolate factory and gave up the other jobs!

Increased demand meant that our garage AND house were nearly fit to burst with chocolate & packaging materials, so at the start of 2013 we took the big step of leaving our garage factory & moving into premises on Clifton Moor in York. Since then we have moved into larger premises on the outskirts of York. We still handmake all our chocolates & package them by hand on the premises – just with a little more room! We pride ourselves on carrying on the family traditions of the Rowntrees and Terry’s families, handmaking great quality chocolates in the City of York. We’re hoping our children will enjoy being part of the business as they get older – they’re already very good at tasting & putting on stickers!

Our chocolate:

What should you look for when buying chocolate good quality chocolate? Well, the list of ingredients shouldn’t be long and contain things that you haven’t heard of. Good quality chocolate should really only include cocoa solids, cocoa butter, sugar and possibly soy lecithin and vanilla (and of course milk powder if it is milk chocolate). The chocolate itself should look glossy, be crisp and firm, the taste should be smooth and silky and never gritty. Lastly, the taste of good chocolate should linger for a while and not fade immediately.

Read more from our chocolate supplier, Callebaut, on their work supporting sustainable cocoa cultivation:

All our chocolates are handmade on the premises and hopefully you will see from our ingredients that it is of a high quality. We hope you will enjoy it!

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