our brownie boxes & my grandma

My Grandma

My grandma, like many peoples, was a big part of my life growing up. She lived not so far away and would look after us when we were little and my parents were working in the shop. She had a big personality, GREAT dress sense and she had a lovely way with words. The photo above sums her up perfectly – she used to be a landlady of some pubs across Cambridge & liked to be the life and soul of a party. She was all the fun.

In her latter years she sold her house and moved in with us as a family. She would cause all sorts of trouble but I loved having that time with her so much and now I’m so grateful to be able to have that to look back on.

She used to love playing games – card games, bingo & a good old game of dominoes. It would always be for money and if she won she would absolutely let you know about it.

Thats my main memory of my last couple of years with her. Playing dominoes at the kitchen table or eventually in her home and it being the basis for our conversation and for our time together. She had a real sweet tooth towards the end of her life and would often refuse to eat her dinner in favour of a chocolate. Nightmare.

So, with a cheers to my lovely grandma, our brownie boxes are named after some domino jargon & I’ll think of her every time I package one up.

THE DECK – The domino gaming pieces make up a domino set.

HEADS UP – A game of dominoes played by only two players.

THE SHUFFLE – To mix up the dominoes while all pieces are turned face down. Done at the beginning of the game and the start of each “hand” or round.