Coffee Books for Coffee Lovers

If you’re a lover of coffee & a lover of books, then welcome to your happy place because here are some books about coffee. That we just love.

It’s hard to choose just a few of our favourites because books about coffee really are up there with things that spark all the joy for us. So here are a few that are top of our charts.

Let us know yours if you fancy.

Real fresh coffee

Jeremy Torz & Steven Macatonia

This wonderful little number is filled with details of every stage of the coffee process, written with such an accessible but rich voice. The two authors are also the founders of Union Hand-Roasted Coffee and the pages tucked in between this delightful front cover are perfect for a newbie to coffee or a seasoned fan.

“Perhaps coffee is our religion”. Yep, these two have coffee at the heart and this covers everything from how and where coffee is grown to a cheeky little latte art tutorial. We really love this book; it’s interesting coffee facts, it’s top tips for home coffee, it’s unpretentious knowledge and everything in between.

The world atlas of coffee

James Hoffmann

We know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover but if you were ever going to, this is the one to do it with. This weighty, textured, beautiful book will draw you in from its first pick up. A love, passion and skilled knowledge of coffee shines through from the first page with the journey of the coffee bean fruit to your espresso cup, detailed with touches of the politics of the fair trade process thrown in.

Filled with illustrations and beautiful photography, brimming with engaging insights into brewing, the process of production and the differences in coffee growing regions, this coffee table book is right up there as one of our favourites.

the curious barista’s guide to coffee

Tristan Stephenson

Despite its title, this beautiful book isn’t just for the accomplished barista but for anyone looking to up their home coffee game. This book burrows into the science of coffee and delves into the coffee making equipment perfect for the home enthusiast. From the aeropress to the mocha pot and the French press, after reading this beautiful hardback, you will be a pro at enjoying a decent brew in your own abode.

A lovely, informative book with recipes for cocktails and sassy coffees. Filled with facts and a detailed history of coffee, you’ll be the talk of the town on your local pub quiz team after reading this little gem.

the craft and science of coffee

Britta Folmer

This one is really close to our heart. It’s a pricey one and a little more text book than fairy tales but if science is your bag, this one’s for you.

If you already have some base knowledge about coffee, or you’ve just skipped your way through any of the three little gems we’ve highlighted here, this encyclopaedia of coffee will give you a deeper insight into each and every element. Exploring the genetic diversity of the coffee tree, the chemistry of roasting and the social impact of the coffee process, this book is an absolute treasure of treats for a real coffee lover.