The Original Fay’s

Fay’s Nowadays

The original coffee grinder now lives at my parents house.

Still working,

Still used


Still loved.

I grew up in Clare in Suffolk living above the family business, also by the name of Fay’s.  It’s our surname incase you were thinking it’s a little random.

It was a big, old, perfectly wonky shop with groceries & a beautiful counter at the back of the shop serving deli items and freshly ground coffee.  You can see the grinder in the background of the second photo below.  The smell of freshly ground coffee will always remind me of this counter and people ordering coffee to take home with them from here.

It had beams and beautiful windows and was on one of the main streets in the town.  My parents, Liz and Ed built up the business from scratch and I saw how much hard work they put in but what a community hub it became.

learning from the best

It was something very special and I’m so lucky to have grown up there.  I learnt so much from being there and from my parents.  Work ethic, the importance of looking after people, creating a space where staff become family and of course, how to stack the perfect shelf and work out the right change!

That'll teach ya

After finishing uni, I went on to be a teacher firstly in Birmingham and then in Cambridge.  Although loving teaching, the niggle of wanting to have my own business wasn’t going away and so I left teaching after 7 years and pursued opening my own coffee shop.

home again

I opened one at first at Riverside Tennis Club which was the perfect starting point and so good to be part of an existing community that I could build upon.  After nearly three years  there, I had the bug to have a space that was totally my own.  Mill Street cropped up and my heart skipped a beat.

And so here we are.

I will never take for granted the simplicity but magnitude of what I’m able to do here.

 Talking to people, potentially having an impact on someones day and making coffee in my happy place.

What a bloomin’ priviledge that is.

I couldn’t do any of it without my biggest cheerleaders…


Charlie & family